Explore the Value of Storytelling!

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I wrote a feature in the March 2017 edition of NSA’s Speaker Magazine. The topic? Telling stories. With just four words—“Tell me a story”—Don Hewitt of CBS News led the 60 Minutes team for decades, always challenging the correspondents who pitched him with ideas for the blockbuster Sunday night television program. I am fairly sure that’s […]


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In one fashion or another, I have been involved in training and speaking since – yikes! – 1970. I was a trainer during my active duty in the US Army…a manager of people at two different television stations…a management trainer for that broadcasting company that owned those two stations…an adjunct faculty member at the University […]

Opening Night

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Over the years my wife and I have gone to scores of Broadway shows in New York. We sometimes call it our “drug of choice!” I am always thrilled – sometimes even stunned – by the breadth and depth of talent the performers display on the Broadway stage. Because we go often and want to […]


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In some way, we all play that role through our lives – with friends, employees, children, maybe grandchildren. I had a wonderful mentor who used to say, “Adults aren’t as learning-ready as children, but they are good mimics. The best way to teach adults is through a good example.” I know he was right…most of […]


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I’ve recently become friends with a retired Army general – a wonderful man who has fought in several wars and who has “seen it all” as they say. That said, he is still curious about life and people and how things work. I can’t remember any conversation I’ve had with him where he hasn’t said, […]