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I’ve been thinking about silence. And…I’ve been thinking about how frequently I am denied silence. I spend a fair amount of time in airports and, except for Asia, most airports are pretty noisy places. I still remember with a smile when it was time to board a plane in Hong Kong for a return to […]


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Every Saturday in the community where I live, organic farmers from throughout our area sell their wares at a Farmers’ Market. One of the streets is closed off to vehicles and people stroll along and purchase everything from veggies and fruits to milk and meats, handicrafts, AND orchids. They are so beautiful and so appealing […]


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When I was growing up in Western Pennsylvania, my folks often described someone in our community this way: “He is really a character” or “She is some character.” They didn’t get too much more specific than that with my sisters and me, but we came to know that someone being called a “character” meant that […]

White Spaces

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I have always been intrigued by peak performers – those who do well and innovate and change the way we think on a consistent basis. In Robert Kelley’s book, How to be a Star at Work, he lists a series of traits his research has revealed about top performers. I just want to cover one […]