Over the last 20 years, Lou’s business has also included coaching sessions with others who speak. He has an unusual place in the coaching field, because clients who come to Gainesville, Florida, to work with him stay right in his home! Lou and his wife had their home built with coaching in mind, so each guest stays in a cozy suite (bedroom, living room, full bath) and there’s no question that this Bed-and-Breakfast type of atmosphere lends itself to greater relationships and powerful results.

heckler house living room
heckler house bedroom

The Heckler House, where the coaching magic happens.

Lou can help you with two primary areas: the organization of your material…and enhanced delivery methods that will make you repeatable and referable. Many speakers who come for coaching have been doing half-and full-day seminars and now wish to become keynoters. After one guest’s coaching session, she performed a keynote a few weeks later and got a rousing standing ovation – her first ever.

Lou’s approach is to help each speaker capitalize on their own best strengths. He does not offer a set formula or any absolutes when it comes to ramping up presentations. Because he has a degree in journalism and because he did hundreds and hundreds of television interviews over the years, he has the ability to pull from people great stories and useful ideas that they incorporate in their speeches and seminars.

Being a coach is a little like being a parent, and Lou loves nothing better than to see his clients go on to satisfying careers where they have a substantial impact on their audiences and, therefore, earn good fees and great pleasure in what they do.

“If I had to pick the single best decision that I have made in expanding my speaking career it would be without a doubt working with Lou Heckler. My biggest successes have been bi-products of my work with Lou.”

- Maribeth Kuzmeski, Red Zone Marketing

Do you want to take your speaking career to the next level? Lou can help! If you want to see if Lou's unique approach to speaker coaching is right for you, just fill out the form on the contact page.