Explore the Value of Storytelling!

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I wrote a feature in the March 2017 edition of NSA’s Speaker Magazine. The topic? Telling stories. With just four words—“Tell me a story”—Don Hewitt of CBS News led the 60 Minutes team for decades, always challenging the correspondents who pitched him with ideas for the blockbuster Sunday night television program. I am fairly sure that’s […]


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In some way, we all play that role through our lives – with friends, employees, children, maybe grandchildren. I had a wonderful mentor who used to say, “Adults aren’t as learning-ready as children, but they are good mimics. The best way to teach adults is through a good example.” I know he was right…most of […]


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I’ve been thinking about silence. And…I’ve been thinking about how frequently I am denied silence. I spend a fair amount of time in airports and, except for Asia, most airports are pretty noisy places. I still remember with a smile when it was time to board a plane in Hong Kong for a return to […]


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When I was growing up in Western Pennsylvania, my folks often described someone in our community this way: “He is really a character” or “She is some character.” They didn’t get too much more specific than that with my sisters and me, but we came to know that someone being called a “character” meant that […]

White Spaces

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I have always been intrigued by peak performers – those who do well and innovate and change the way we think on a consistent basis. In Robert Kelley’s book, How to be a Star at Work, he lists a series of traits his research has revealed about top performers. I just want to cover one […]