Lou Heckler Personal Development

In some way, we all play that role through our lives – with friends, employees, children, maybe grandchildren. I had a wonderful mentor who used to say, “Adults aren’t as learning-ready as children, but they are good mimics. The best way to teach adults is through a good example.”

I know he was right…most of the time. Here’s the caveat, and I think it applies to both adults and children – a good friend of ours has been a wildly successful private tutor for years, so one day I asked her what her secret was. She said, “Rather than use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy, I ask them a key question right from the start. I ask them how they would like to be taught!”

She explained that there are many different learning styles and she was investigating her students’ best way to learn. Some needed lots of visuals…some were better oral learners…some had to touch everything. She would design a plan that capitalized on their individual needs.

Oaky, okay…I know we can’t do that as a practical approach with everyone we work with, but I wonder if you have thought about those unique differences among the people with whom you work. Next time someone is having a pretty critical learning issue, maybe you could ask them to basically teach YOU how to teach THEM.

I saw our friend moved “D” students up to “B” students in a very short space of time. I think it’s worth a shot with adults as well.