Opening Night

Lou Heckler Customer Service

Over the years my wife and I have gone to scores of Broadway shows in New York. We sometimes call it our “drug of choice!” I am always thrilled – sometimes even stunned – by the breadth and depth of talent the performers display on the Broadway stage.

Because we go often and want to see as many shows as possible without breaking the bank, we usually go to the half-price TKTS booth in Times Square. The good news is, you can buy two-for-one tickets for that day’s performance because they’d rather have seats filled at half price than empty at full price. The bad news (though not really bad) is that these will not be THE most popular shows at that moment. Those sell out well in advance.

This never bothers us because of this simple fact: for us, it’s opening night. And, we know the high caliber of talent assembled there will not disappoint.

It always makes me think about the way businesses are run. Does it strike you that many businesses put their least skilled, least trained, sometimes least motivated person “out front” and have them make the first contact with their customers or clients? My idea is this: train them harder than anyone else…explain to them that impressions are formed instantly each time they encounter a prospective customer. My good friend and fellow speaker Scott McKain says, “All business is show business.” If he’s right (and I feel sure he is), we need to encourage these front-liners to see each contact as a potential “opening night.”

Curtain up!